Special Packages

Special Packages

At Oakland HiFi, we make sure you can enjoy your favorite music and sounds in your vehicle. Our seasoned staff has the expertise, experience, and creativity needed to design and install customized, high-quality stereo systems that meet your exact requirements. From podcasts to rock n' roll, no matter what your hearing pleasure may be, we make sure that it's crystal clear, low distortion sound with an uninhibited dynamic range. This is the soundtrack to your life, and we make it sound good!


Custom Car Audio Installation

Car Interior

Your car is unique and so are you. In that case, why would you choose any run-of-the-mill sound system that doesn't fulfill your needs for quality sound?

We are a dependable custom car service that can create a bespoke setting—from amplifiers and stereos to speakers and all things in between. We can even install and build custom door panels, dashboards, amp racks, and more!

Just as importantly, we ensure that everything we install and build integrates with the existing factory elements of your particular vehicle. But, we also know that every system is different; that's why we deploy our experienced technicians to guarantee a successful installation.

At Oakland HiFi, we offer:

  • Amplifier installation

  • Custom stereo installation

  • Custom speaker installation

  • Equalizer and processor installation

  • iPhone/Androi...More

At Oakland HiFi, we offer:

  • Amplifier installation

  • Custom stereo installation

  • Custom speaker installation

  • Equalizer and processor installation

  • iPhone/Android integrations

  • and a lot more!

An advanced sound system is so much more than a mere volume knob on your dash. It's like the entire control system! That's why we don't just focus on the speakers, but also the sound receivers, amplifiers and woofers, digital signal processors, and a whole lot more. That's how we create a holistic stereo experience that's par excellence.

We tailor the right system for your specific vehicle based on your preferred style, budget, and fit. This also involves ensuring that your steering wheel controls are appropriately synced with your modern sound system.

Let our custom stereo installation experts help you through custom audio solutions that never miss a beat.


Why Choose Us?

We know cars. At Oakland HiFi, we offer market-leading services with the top brands in the business to deliver an unbeatable audio experience for you and your vehicle. Our premises are centrally located, so you won't have any trouble finding us and letting our experienced technicians deliver an exceptional service and unparalleled custom installation. Experience optimum sound with Oakland HiFi and our seasoned installation team! Our certified technicians have more than 10 years of combined experience in the industry. They go above and beyond to help you get your preferred setup in your vehicle.

Car Dashboard

Our Stereos

Stereos are the centerpiece of your vehicle's audio system. Our audio category includes the greatest and latest that the car stereo industry has to offer.

We have a broad selection of touch screen stereos that seamlessly assimilate with the factory reverse cameras. They also include Bluetooth in-dash, Android Auto Systems, Wi-Fi, etc., to choose from. So all you need to do is let us know what combination of features and functionality you are looking for, and experts at Oakland HiFi can help you select the perfect system.

Our Amplifiers

Car amplifiers give your systems more power for clearer and louder music at any volume. We can help you select car amplifiers designed to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal power needs for a comparatively compact package.

If you are looking for a streamlined solution for enhanced sound quality, consider adding car amplifiers to your vehicle system. You can easily add them to both the aftermarket and factory car stereos seamlessly.


Our Promise

Comprehensive Workmanship

Oakland HiFi is known for its sophisticated services. Even with our top-notch facilities, our services are priced at market competitive rates. You can contact us to learn more about our pricing structure.

Affordable Service

We want only the best for our customers! We encourage you to communicate your requirements to our experts, so we can provide tailored solutions. You can also clear your queries by contacting our customer service agents. 

Superior Quality Service

You can count on us to upgrade your car with a modern stereo system that sounds amazing and lasts for ages. This is done using products from leading audio brands, installed by our seasoned experts to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What Our Customers Say

“Oakland HiFi has better prices, customer service, and delivery than other services in the area. And I never ran into such knowledgeable and expert professionals. We were amazed. Kudos to the team and their hard work, as it's not easy to carry various brands.”

Call Us to Make Your Car Audio Sound Better Than You Thought Possible

We are here to change the way you listen to music, calls, and podcasts in your vehicle. Working with Oakland HiFi will get you more than mere installations and upgrades to your car audio systems. Along with extensive experience, we have the right equipment and skill to handle a variety of different projects and provide services, including headlight repairs, wiring repairs, mobile installations, etc. 

The excellent part about selecting us as your car stereo service provider is that you will get customized and tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, you don't have to bring your vehicle to our shop or garage. When you schedule your car audio service, our team will arrive at your location and install the new stereo system at the site of your choosing. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on our services. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services.


Some Questions You May Have

You likely have various questions about upgrading and installing the stereo system of your vehicle. Below are some of the most common questions that we have heard at Oakland HiFi. If you need to know more about car audios, feel free to contact our team. Our experts have extensive experience and offer top-notch service and customer support.

Why Do I Need a Good Car Stereo?

If you drive a long way daily, it's good to have some company from your stereo system. Your favorite musicians, singers, podcasters can be with you along the way, so the travel is less daunting. However, that's not all; you never know when you need to hit a stoplight party, so you best come prepared!

Why Upgrade Your Car's Stereo System for a bespoke solution?

While all cars come with factory-fitted sound systems, they do the bare minimum for playback. On the other hand, a custom-built audio system delivers precise results that are loud, clear, noise-free, and a pleasure to listen to. 

Does New Stereos Improve The Bass Sound?

Typically, the new car stereo's increased power enhances the low end's power in your system. You can also consider adding subwoofers with outboard amplifiers or maybe a powered subwoofer for better results.