Subwoofer Bass Packages 

The Best Subwoofer Bass Packages
Your Money Can Buy

Oakland HiFi brings you affordable subwoofer bass packages. 

Select one and feel the music caress all your senses, revealing sounds that your speakers alone can never reproduce.


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Subwoofer Service

Your car's factory-fitted sound framework can't offer the sensational bass that a custom-installed subwoofer can. We make sure that your audio system can give you the power you need with the right AMP and Subwoofer setting that'll make everyone around your car sit up and take notice. It'll make your car music sound more like a live concert!

Of course, all that depends on quality installation services. Our technicians are trained professionals with a decade of cumulative experience with car audio systems, audio design, and custom fabrication. As such, you can rest assured that your subwoofer installation will be in good hands.

In addition to that, we have the right tools and testing equipment to set up your new sound system and get it to work seamlessly while looking flawless. We care about your vehicle as much as you do.

Get in touch today to ensure premium performance and quality installation of your subwoofers and other elements of your car sound system.


Why Choose Us?

We promise high-quality installations of market-leading audio products at great prices. As the leading provider of car audio installation in Oakland, CA, we know just what it takes to make your car audio sound amazing.

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Distortion-Free Sound 

Subwoofers are born to elevate sounds and deliver a stellar listening experience. We promise loud sounds that are entirely free of distortion. Make us your choice and get the best subwoofers you can get for your vehicle. After that, enjoy all the music you want without the fear of sound distortion.

Complete Audio Control

Are you tired of garbled lyrics, messed-up tunes, and car speakers that never pick up the bass? There is no need to strain your ears anymore because our subwoofer installation services can introduce crystal-clear, distortion-free sounds that let you enjoy your music to the fullest.


Our Guarantees

Professional Services 

Our experienced technicians have the experience and expertise in car electrical systems needed to install your subwoofers without a glitch. They also have the necessary tools and skills to make your car audio sound the best it's ever been.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

We trust our professional subwoofer installers, and so should you. To help you realize that we deliver the best services in town, we offer a lifetime installation warranty, which means that we stand by our sound system fittings forever!

Fast and Reliable Delivery 

We know that you want your car back and ready to rock right away. That's why we provide prompt services that include a thorough study of your car's electric system and expert installation of every part of your new sound system, including the subwoofers.

Tune in to the frequency of your life with Oakland HiFi's subwoofer bass packages and experience music to its fullest. Don't waste time enduring bad-sounding music on your commutes. Call now to order your subwoofer installation today.

Our Unique Approach

We have been in the business of installing car sound systems in California since 1993. Our clients trust us because we take the time to understand their unique needs and handle their cars individually to create bespoke car audio solutions.

It's no wonder that we've been awarded for being the best car audio shop in town and creating the Loudest SPL Vehicle in Oakland.

We are fast, reliable, dependable audiophiles who know just how to help you get the most from your car audio systems. Of course, our exceptional customer services also play an essential role in providing only the best to our customers. You can easily end your quest for the best car bass speakers installation near you or car amplifier installation near you now that you have found us.



If you have any questions about the installation of subwoofers in your area, our professionals are here to answer all your questions. Our exceptional customer support ensures that you get comprehensive information on our services before you decide to avail of them.

Where Can I Get Subwoofers Installed in CA?

You can count on us for car audio installation in Oakland, CA. You can find us in East Oakland and Foothill Square Shopping Center. We'd love for you to drop by any of our branches to meet the team, get a consultation, or place an order. Apart from that, you can also place an online order on our website.

How Long Does Subwoofer Installation Take?

Our expert technicians take between one to 5 hours to install a subwoofer and other audio system components. However, times may vary depending on your vehicle and how complicated your new car sound system is. The only way to get an accurate time estimate is to bring your car into our audio shop. 

Why Do I Need Subwoofers in My Car?

It shouldn't be difficult to listen to good music in your car. A top-rated subwoofer is a low-toned beast that can produce low-frequency sounds so you can hear the subtle nuances in your favorite sounds that your speakers would never pick up on. Give our pros a call if you're looking for car subwoofers near you.